2012 Weather/Chase Season – Mid-March Lightning!

2012 Weather/Chase Season – Mid-March Lightning!

Got to test my new 35mm prime on the Canon 5D Mark II on a storm!  There were a couple waning cells that approached London, Ontario after dark from the same cluster of storms that included the Supercell that produced a (possibly) Strong tornado about 10 miles west of Detroit.

The cell was spitting out anvil crawlers intermittently (i.e. I noticed ONE) and waited about five minutes and didn’t see another and gave up.  The activity then increased to maybe one every three minutes, but the cell has moved E and the origin of the bolts was now too far east to see from the Weather Perch (TM) …

…but I got one shot  that captured a crawler’s tail (click on image for larger view):

So a very satisfying start to the actual observing and documenting convection in 2012!

Will follow-up on this lens (and the other one being changed-out when all is settled)…