28 May 2015 – Far NW Texas Panhandle

28 May 2015 – Far NW Texas Panhandle

Processed - 1800 - IMG_2433-Pano

Doug and I started in Amarillo, with potential targets south near and south of Lubbock and further north in far W Kansas.  Difficult forecast with pots of potential for messy, wet storms.  In fact, there were general thunderstorms in the Amarillo are as early as 10:30 am!  Decided on the northern target and headed up 287.  Observed congestus as we neared Dumas, but knew it would not be the show.

Reassessed things at Stratford, TX and decided to head over to Dalhart, TX.  After deliberation headed NW and then N through the Kiowa National Grassland (where you certainly are ‘away from it all!’) in an attempt to get up on the cells heading E on extreme SE Colorado (apparently produced a tornado near Kim, CO).  Ended up in Boise City, Oklahoma and then circled back to Dalhart (hey, that’s chasing!) to position for the tail-end Charlie.

Finally got the last cell down the line just north of town, which had a very nice quasi-laminar shelf:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2422

Stitched pano using the Bower 35mm manual lens:

Processed - 1800 - IMG_2433-Pano

And wide angle with the Samyang 14mm:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2470

Just a little further south, but still north of town:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2532

We moved east of town – structure was about the same.  Looking NE:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2627

The shelf seemed to stop moving to the south and was actually rather long and straight.  Looking WNW:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2622

There seemed to be some renewed development/evolution towards more discreet structures, so we moved west of Dalhart:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2707

And then moved west, around the back of the convection, which had some pronounced hail shafts!

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2754

Which were sun lit (as were the wheat fields):

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2766

At Farm-To-Market Road 3110 and Texas 102:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2800

We continued north towards US 87:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2825

And were eventually due west of the hail core:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2840

Encountered some beautiful convection developing in extreme NE New Mexico, near Clayton.  All these images (including the stitched pano) were taken with the 14mm Samyang:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2912

Very linear morphology, possible developing along the outflow boundary from earlier convection:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2939

Was eventually Severe Warned, for large hail.  Looking NW:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2956

High based but beautiful!!  Looking N:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2957

Looking NE:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2960

Stitched pano:

Processed - 1800 - IMG_2869-Pano

Some ultra wide images from further west, looking back to the east:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_2971

Got one with a train!

Processed - 1200 - IMG_3023

And a more distant look:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_3063