Medium-Ass Black Bear!

Medium-Ass Black Bear!

After hiking to see the Largest Tree On the Planet (pics to follow) in Sequoia National Park, we waited in a line of cars for a Pilot Car (kinda like Chasing, eh!).  We noticed some deer off maybe 80 feet at roughly 2 o’clock (pics to follow).

They were content to graze for a few minutes, but then they seemed a little agitated and moved away swiftly.  A couple of minutes later Michelle looked up and said, “Oh My God – a Bear!”.

She had the 50D with the superb 70-200 F4 IS lens and promptly got off a series of shots with the Bruin bear (EDIT: turns outs the term ‘Bruin’ only applies to the Brown Bear, and our friend here is a brown Black Bear) quietly foraging about 50 feet from us at about 4 o’clock:

Processed - 1200 - IMG_8703

Apparently a  lot of the Yosemite bears are night bears (an adaptation to all the human activity and associated increased opportunities for food availability) and have been ear-tagged (the more natural behavior for the black Bear is day-activity and most of these are not ear-tagged).

Looks like this might be one of the more non-adapted specimines – nice shot sweetie!